What are Spider Veins?

Some people develop spider veins on their cheeks, nose and chin over time due to age or heredity. Others develop dark age spots, most notably on their hands and forearms. These conditions can now be easily resolved with specialized laser treatments!

Many patients will get spider veins on their face. Some people will develop small red spots on their backs, chest, abdomen and pubic area. These can be very effectively treated, often with just one session with the Cynosure Elite Laser. There is no bruising afterwards, You can  apply make up immediately. You may have some redness in the area where the spider veins were treated. The red spots usually will go  grey and then gradually fade to a normal color.

About the Spider Veins Procedure

I use a special 532 Diolite Laser that will immediately remove spider veins on the face, nose, and chin without any bruising!

This same laser will eliminate dark age spots on the hands or forearms – however when used on dark age spots, there may be some scabbing while healing takes place.

Spider veins on the legs are sometimes treated with injections and sometimes with the Cynosure Elite Laser. Usually more than one session is required and the treatments are spaced about 4 weeks apart. Frequently, Dr. Berman will inject the leg spider veins the first session and then laser  them the next session. He never injects for facial spider veins.

What Post-Op care is required for Spider Veins?

Most people who have spider veins removed from their face should not experience any redness or bruising afterwards, and can return to work right after the procedure.

However, people who have a large number of spider veins treated in one area should expect some redness and swelling for a few days. These patients should be able to return to work the next day.

Patients with age spots removed with the Diolite Laser will form scabs that will take about two weeks to heal.