A Great Gift Idea: Berman Cosmetic Gift Certificates!

In gift giving, we know it’s the “thought that counts,” but typically, a less than ideal gift is selected. A tie a man does not need, another perfume that a woman hates or a ring she isn’t crazy about. Why not let the person buy a gift they truly want for themselves? Most women, certainly those over the age of 35, will find a service or product they truly desire in our office, making a gift certificate a really perfect (and easy!) gift.

In our society, almost everyone women will feel that either her body or her face is not perfect. If she is older than 35 years old, she will almost certainly have areas on her face (and neck and chest) that have irregular pigmentation (melasma or sun damage or simply aging), that she tries to cover up with makeup. Picosure is the world’s best laser for doing an incredible job for improving this. The reason for this is because the Picosure fires 1,000 faster than any other laser. It can succeed in situations where other lasers, such as CO2, Fraxel or IPL will only make things worse. There is little to no downtime with the Picosure laser and most women will have huge improvements with only 3 treatments, spaced a month apart.

If they are happy with their faces, then almost certainly there will be some areas on their body that has a bit more fat than they’d prefer. SculpSure is a way of melting the fat through the skin so that no incisions are required. Each session only takes 25 minutes and multiple areas can be treated in one office visit. Every person should treat each area, at least twice, spaced 4-6 weeks apart. As we like to say, “Treat until complete.” You can immediately return to work or play afterwards. This makes for a great gift for men, since almost all of us men, even if we exercise a ton, will still have love handles. I have treated mine twice with a nice improvement (my wife noticed the improvement even before I did).

Of course, these gift certificates can be used for other things such as laser hair removal, fillers and Botox and even towards surgery such as Smartlipo or a Breast Augmentation.

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