Breast Augmentation and Smartlipo – Can They Work together?

Breast Augmentation and Smartlipo – Can They Work together?

The answer is yes and no.

I do my breast augmentations in a surgicenter, outside of my office, because I use general anesthesia (GA). I do my Smartlipo cases in my office. I will do regular liposuction when the patient is under GA.

What does this mean in practical terms?

I am a huge fan of Smartlipo. I have had many patients, who have had Smartlipo with me in the week or weeks before having their breast augmentation. This works great. Many patients prefer that since they are already asleep, for both cost and convenience reasons, to have their breast augmentation done and at the same time, have their liposuction done.

There is no absolute right or wrong answer to this question. In general, for those wanting the absolute best result from their liposuction, it is generally preferable to do the Smartlipo in my office, in advance of the breast augmentation. You can return to work the day following Smartlipo. This approach does require more time from you and me, and since the Smartipo is much more time consuming procedure, and requires additional equipment, this will cost more. However, you will be saving some time under general anesthesia, which will raise your OR costs and your anesthesia costs.

I will discuss both these options with you, when you come in for your consult since the decision, will be an individual one.