Breast Augmentation Cost

It is impossible to give you a single monetary number for you to aim for when considering a breast augmentation. There are multiple variables that can affect the cost of your breast augmentation.

First, there is the cost for the surgeon himself. It goes without saying that you should only use a board certified plastic surgeon. Usually, a more experienced surgeon will charge more for his/her services. Although some patients will fly to destination medical centers, such as India or Thailand, I personally think you are taking a huge risk. It is especially problematic if you have problems following surgery and then expect a surgeon here in the US to be able to address complications you acquired by your surgery in another country. The price for the surgeon will vary by geographic region. You can expect to pay more in a place like New York City compared to a smaller town in the South. It should also hopefully go without saying that rarely will a decent plastic surgeon put his services on a discount website like Groupon. This is not an oil change for your car. Although it is reasonable to be aware of costs, not all surgeons are equal, and you should never select a surgeon on price alone.

Breast augmentation is done under a general anesthesia, so you will also need to consider the cost of the anesthesiologist or nurse anesthesiologist. There is also the cost of the operating room. Even if the surgery is done in the surgeon’s office, there is still an overhead cost associated with this which will be passed on to the patient.

Another factor is the type of implant used. Silicone implants cost more for the surgeon to buy, and again, this cost will be passed on to the patient, either directly or indirectly. Additionally, certain types of silicone implants can cost more than others. However, contrary to what many patients think, the size of the implant does not affect cost – only the type of implant.

Some women will also need a breast lift. If a woman’s breasts are significantly saggy (the medical term is “ptotic”), you must have a lift to get your desired look. Also depending on how much ptosis there is, different types of lifts will add to the time and cost of the surgery. If the surgery requires more time, then so will the surgeon, the operating room and the anesthesiologist.

All of these factors contribute to why it is very hard to give you an accurate estimate of how much your breast augmentation should cost. When you see a plastic surgeon for a consultation, they should give you the total cost of your surgery and include these in the estimate.

Most surgeons, if not all, will include follow-up for a year or more at no additional expense.

What is a breast lift?

What is a breast lift?

There are a myriad of different techniques for a breast lift. However, I think it is best to think of them as two broad categories.

The first type of breast lift, focusing on raising the nipple. No one takes the nipple off and replaces it as a free graft (except for some very unusual circumstance such as a massive breast reduction – I once removed 26 lbs of breast tissue from a woman – 13 lbs per side and I did free nipple grafts then). Most techniques in this scenario involve raising the nipple areolar complex (NAC) and there is only a skin excision above the nipple areolar complex. This allows the NAC to slide up and can give a much better balance to the breast appearance. In general it works best, when not too much advancement is needed and also can be more dramatic if the woman is small breasted. I do these procedures very easily in the office under local anesthetic and you can return to work the next day. It takes about 90 minutes or less.

The other main type of breast lift, involves not only elevating the NAC, but involves elevating the actual breast tissue. This is done under general anesthesia in the Operating Room. This requires a “lollipop” incision or “key hole” incision and sometimes an extended incision in the lower aspect of the breast. This gives a more dramatic change and can significantly reshape the breast. It is important to remember that ultimately we are fighting gravity and the longevity of the results depend on the quality of your breast tissue. Some patients will get fantastic results that will last many, many years and for others, there can be an improvement but it may be much more short lived. Also the more ptotic (saggy) your breasts, the more dramatic and long lasting the results, usually. It can be quite difficult to give a full lift to someone who has full breasts but only a small amount of saggy-ness but who wants them very, very perky. 

Often times, an implant will be used with the lift. Sometimes the breasts are made smaller. Sometimes it is just a lift alone. Everyone is different. I encourage everyone to get a consultation to fully understand their options.