How Much Does Lifestyle Affect the Outcome of Plastic Surgery Procedures?

This is an interesting question that I was asked to blog about. There is both a superficial and a deeper answer to this question.
The superficial answer is: it depends on the type of plastic surgery performed and what type of lifestyle changes have occurred.
Certain surgeries are going to be more affected by lifestyle than others. If you have Smartlipo with me (my most popular procedure) and then put on a significant amount of weight afterwards, it will obviously detract from how good you look. You may still get a significant benefit from the Smartlipo because if the Smartlipo brought a better balance to the shape of your body, even if you put on weight, you will likely still have a better overall shape.
A tummy tuck is even less sensitive to minor weight gain, since you will have a much flatter abdomen after a tummy tuck than before. Even if you gain weight, you should still look much better than before surgery. The weight gain, if not too excessive, will generally not lead to loose skin, so the benefits of a tummy tuck will remain. The muscle tightening that is usually done with a tummy tuck will still remain if a few pounds are added after surgery. Of course, if you put on a lot of weight, some of the weight will be belly fat and this could cause your abdomen to protrude.
Procedures such a blepharoplasty or fillers or botox are not going to be affected very much by mild weight gain. Similarly, minor weight gain after a breast reduction will not have much affect.
On a deeper level — and this is where my certified life coaching training comes in — cosmetic procedures can be a stepping stone for transformation. If we look better, we feel better about ourselves. We realize that if we feel better about ourselves, we feel empowered, have more energy, treat those around us better etc. Those of you who have seen me in consultation for a body procedure know that I almost will discuss modification to your diet and exercise. If after doing a tummy tuck or Smartlipo you can be motivated to eat a healthier diet and increase your exercise, these benefits will far surpass anything that i can do for your surgically – especially if you keep those habits for life. So often, I see my patients alter their dieting and exercising and then drop 10-25 pounds, looking and feeling so much better. My concern with putting on weight after a procedure is that the procedure has not fulfilled its potential for being a stepping stone for transformation.
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Sculpsure and Your New Year’s Goals for Your Body

When Christmas and New Years (and all the parties!) come to an end, many of us are mortified to find our clothes too tight and the scale much higher than we like! Now is the time when so many of us create New Year’s resolutions. What can we do to maximize our success?

As a trained Life Coach, the first thing that comes to mind for me is to be very realistic in our goals. We should be bold in our resolutions, yet realistic. Secondly – and this is key – we need to break our goals down into manageable steps we can do every day, or at least most days. Third, we need some accountability. And lastly, many of us benefit from having a reward or penalty for sticking or not sticking to our plan.

Realistically, if you have never been one to exercise, it may make more sense to aim to do a class at the gym 3-4 days per week, rather than plan on doing 3 hours a day at the gym. Sure, there are people who do go to the gym for 3 hours per day, but is that going to be you 3 weeks into the New Year, once that initial excitement has faded? Probably not. With focused effort, you can likely accomplish your goals in one hour of gym time.

It is great to have a set amount of weight you want to lose – whether that be 10 lbs or 100 lbs. However, remember that the closer you get to your ideal weight, the harder it is to lose those last few pounds. One of the things that I have repeatedly observed in women is that they go on strict diets and work out faithfully for 3-4 weeks. At the end of this time period, they weigh themselves and low and behold, not one pound has been lost. They get frustrated and quickly return to their previous eating patterns.

What can you do to minimize this effect? My strong suggestion is to NOT weigh yourself for at least 6 weeks. Or better yet, until you feel that your clothes are looser. I have many patients who will take advantage of something such as Sculpsure (a non-invasive way to reduce fat but not weight) at the beginning of their diet to increase their likelihood of seeing a noticeable difference in their body sooner even without a decrease in the umber on the scale. It can reduce the fat in a given area by up to 24%. However, as I always stress, this still means that 76% of your fat is left behind. There is no substitute for better dieting and exercising if you want to look your best. But Sculpsure is a great way to jumpstart your success and is also an incredible catalyst for success.

A slow, steady weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week is realistic and sustainable. I am also a great fan of our Paleo Meal Replacement to help you achieve this. However, I will be the first to admit that there are many good diet plans besides the one that I am suggesting, but my staff and I have had great success with it.

It is extremely helpful to have someone you are accountable to. It is best if you can find an exercise and diet partner. If not, you should keep a log and make sure that you share your progress daily. Knowing that someone (besides yourself) is going to be checking is a huge motivator.

Most people will do better if they plan on having certain rewards for sticking to their plan. It can be helpful if they will also include some “penalties.” These are not meant to be hard on your ego and make you feel bad about yourself but rather to motivate you.  They can be things like giving a certain amount of charity each time you break your plan or could be extra sit-ups or giving your partner a massage (assuming that feels at least a tad bit like punishment to you, that is!)

For those select patients who want to work more closely with me on the above, I do offer life coaching by phone. If this is an area you could use some help with, please do not hesitate to contact my office at 703-406-2444 to further discuss!

Life Coach 2015

As many of you know, I started this journey to be a Life Coach back in October 2013. I spent approximately a year training with the very well known and established CTI training institute. I passed their two part exam and became certified as a CPCC. In January 2015 I passed the ACC exam and I am a member of the Coaching International Federation. I recently defined my niche as, “coaching the high achiever whose life is out of balance.” The reason I chose this niche is because I understand that often times to be very successful in life, one has to focus in on a specific area in ones life (usually it is ones career). After many years, this person has reached a high level of success in their lives. However, the rest of their life is often out balance.

It can be the executive, who is “married” to their job and has a poor relationship with their partner and children. Maybe there is no partner or children and their life is just their work. Their health suffers because they don’t eat correctly and don’t make time to exercise. Perhaps, it is the other extreme and they drive themselves relentless and feel the need to train 2 hours per day and if they don’t work 18 hours per day still, feel that they are lazy.

Co-active coaching has as its fundamental principle that you are naturally resourceful, creative and whole. This means that your answers lie within you. My job as a good coach, is to help you discover these and realize these through actions you take and with accountability. It is not for the faint of heart. This process leads to real, meaningful change. It is intense.

I do this through 3 phone calls per month, about 45 minutes in length. It is strictly confidential.

If you know someone who may benefit from this, please have them contact me and visit my web site at

My Journey as a Life Coach

sunrise hikerA year ago, I decided to expand myself  personally and professionally when I started my journey as a Life Coach or Executive Coach. If you were like me, a year ago, you have no idea what a life coach even is. “So how did this all come to pass?” you ask.

Last August, 2013, I had a bit of time on my hands and I have always admired people who have continued to grow and reinvent themselves over time. We all have so much potential, in so many different ways, that it can be very stimulating and inspiring to try something “completely different – sounds like a Monty Python movie. I was trying to figure out what I should do. I had considered computer programing but then I realized that it would take many years to get proficient, I would be competing against a bunch of super smart young kids like my son, and it did not take advantage of my life experience. I then remembered a good friend of mine, a venture capitalist, had used a Life Coach and spoke highly of the experience. I did a bit of research and found out that CTI was one of the longest established and most respected coaching training programs in the world. I began the course work in October 2013 and the rest is history.

The concept behind CTI is that we are all happiest and most fulfilled, when we live our lives commensurate with the values that are unique to us. Furthermore, we have all of our answers within us, even though they may be hidden. A good coach never tells you the “correct” answer. they don’t even know your correct answer and approach. Through probing questions and helping you think outside the box, the correct course of action will often appear to you. I have been astounded by how much my clients have transformed their attitudes and their lives in just a few months! It is all accomplished through a 30 minute phone call 3 times per month. It is important to understand that this is very different than therapy. Therapy is usually based on the premise that you are not well and the therapist helps to fix you. The CTI coaching model is that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole!!!

If you are interested in exploring your life and perhaps making some changes, then I would encourage you to contact me to discuss this further. I always give a client a free session, so that they can try it out and see if it is for them.