Have You Ever Considered Thai Massage?

Thai massageThai massage is something near and dear to my heart as I have done extensive training in it – taking three separate one-week, 40-hour courses in basic, intermediate and a medical apprenticeship courses. You are probably wondering what does a medical apprenticeship have to do with Thai massage?

Thai massage is much different than we think of, when most of us think of a massage. Thai massage has a long, ancient history and is largely done for therapeutic reasons. This does not mean that it does not feel great. However, the primary purpose of Thai massage is healing, both emotional and physical healing.

The fundamental principle of Thai massage is that there are energy channels that run up and down our bodies (similar but different than acupuncture lines that most of us have heard of). When there is disease which can be physical or emotional – these lines do not transmit energy or life force properly. The Thai massage therapist will “work” these lines. When they encounter a block, there will often be the perception of discomfort. By continuing to work these lines, the client will come to “heal” these blockages and good health will be restored. Of course, it is not magic and deeper problems can take multiple sessions but each session is working towards improvement. In addition, the massage therapist, will transfer their good energy into the client.

Thai massage is done on a soft mat on the floor. The client wears lose clothes such as sweat pants or scrubs. No oils are used, but frequently a potent thai balm is applied. I often recommend this balm after surgery to help with both healing and pain. The sessions are 90 minutes in length. Often, stretching as part of the massage.

The massage therapist, Judy, I have hired is by appointment only (301-300-3044). Judy has trained at the same Thai Institute that I trained at. However she has done much more training than I have done and she does this full time. Her services are only available Monday through Thursday.

This summer in August, I went to a yoga festival in Southern Virginia and worked as a Thai massage therapist to “pay back” my appreciation to the school, the Thai Institute that trained me.

It is a great experience, and I would encourage you to book a thai massage. Be nice and book one for your friend and you can get them one after another.

My Family Has Grown! All About My Recent Wedding.

On August 7/14, I finally got remarried after 8 years of being single. I have 4 great boys, ages 17,19, 21 and 23. They have been living with me since October 2008, except for my oldest son, who stayed on in Israel and served in their special forces. He will be returning to the USA this November and plans on going to NOVA and then on to university to hopefully study industrial engineering. The younger 3 are in various colleges or universities – coding engineering, or computer sciences, so far.

My new wife, Judy, does Thai massage (yes she takes appointments at my office for a super 90 minute Thai massage. Please see my web site for further details on what makes Thai massage unique) Judy also brings 3 girls, ages 11, 14 and 19 into my life. Never having dealt with girls as children, it is a bit different but not as taxing or rough (so far, as I had dreaded). They are actually really good to me.

Presently, living in our house, are Judy and me, her 11 year old daughter and my 17 year old son. the other kids drop in fairly regularly, despite the distance, which is great.

We had a lovely small wedding of about 55 people at a dear friends house. We had a backyard wedding accompanied by our professional guitar player (our friend Miguel Bard). A few days later, for our “honeymoon”, we took all 7 kids and 2 dogs (my German Shepherd and her poodle/bichon mix) to Hatteras Island for a week. What is really incredible, is that all the kids get along perfectly and love referring to each as step brothers and sisters. Whenever I mention my new marriage to patients, the inevitable Brady Bunch comparison is made!