Combining Therapies to Enhance Facial Youthfulness (Rejuvenation)

There is a tendency for people to look for a particular treatment to reverse aging and restore youthfulness. However, as we age, there is not just one thing that changes, but rather a multitude of things. Each treatment can help correct an aspect of these changes. Of course, a single treatment modality is going to be very helpful. However, for many people, there are definitely additional benefits to combining therapies. During the consult, either myself or one of my master estheticians will suggest combination therapies that we believe would be beneficial. For each person, we will customize a specific treatment plan, which we may alter depending on how your respond to your treatment. This is the great thing about going to a high-level plastic surgery spa, versus a medispa or a non-plastic surgeon’s office.

Below is a list of often-combined therapies and a brief rationale for why they are often combined.

  1. Botox and Fillers
    Botox will relax the muscles and is usually used in the upper face, while fillers will fill in the hollowing. Sometimes people have deep lines in the glabellar area – the area between the eyes. The primary treatment is Botox, since the problem occurs due to muscle contraction. However, it can be beneficial to also use fillers to soften these lines so that you look better much quicker. If you use Botox in this area for a year, the lines will gradually get less deep but using filler will help to speed this process up.
  2. Hyper-pigmentation: PicoSure Laser Facial with Hydrafacial
    The Picosure laser is the very best laser in the world for improving hyper-pigmentation and irregular coloration on the face, neck, chest and back of the hands. It also stimulates collagen and elastic fiber growth. You need to plan 3 treatments (though you could need more), spaced one month apart. If you have ethnic skin, we strongly recommend that you do a ViPeel 2-4 weeks before you begin your series of PicoSure lasers, as this will  let the laser penetrate the skin more effectively.Alternating sessions with the Hydrafacial — such as a Hydrafacial at the beginning of each month and a PicoSure laser facial mid-month) — enhances both treatments, giving your skin an unbelievably youthful rejuvenation.
  3. Fine Lines: Fillers with Microneedling or PicoSure
    For lines around the perioral area, I like to combine fillers (usually Volbella) with either microneedling or the Picosure laser. The rationale for this is that the fillers work beneath the skin to soften the lines, and both microneedling and PicoSure laser work from the surface of the skin, stimulating collagen and elastic fibers.
  4. Acne Scars: PicoSure and Microneedling
    For acne scarring, it is best to combine both the Picosure laser, which stimulates your own collagen and elastic fibers (there is little to no downtime) with Microneedling which also stimulates collagen and elastic fibers but through an entirely different mechanism. You would alternate sessions between these 2 modalities. You should plan 5 sessions of each, depending on how deep your scarring is.

Anything done on your face will be enhanced by using our professional-grade skin care. You simply cannot buy skin care this powerful, unless you purchase it from a physician.


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