Cost of Botox

There is no exact number that I can give you so that you will know exactly how much you will pay for Botox. However, I can give you guidelines.

All doctors and places where you can get Botox (should you elect to get Botox from a Spa which I don’t recommend but that is a personal choice) will either charge you per unit or per area. This is somewhat similar but I prefer the unit approach and I will explain why.

Areas of Botox Treatment

There are 3 main areas where Botox is usually given: the glabella area (which is the area between the eyebrows) the crows feet (which is the area lateral to the eyes). Note that this will improve those lines that get worse when you smile; it will not help the fine lines that are present at rest.

Other less frequent areas which Botox is sometimes given include the chin bunny lines (side of the nose) upper lip axillary region (armpits for hyperhidrosis which is excessive sweating)

The reason that I prefer to charge by 5 units is because you are paying for what you get. I usually place 20 units in the glabellar area, although sometimes men and occasionally resistant women will need 25 units.

For the crow’s feet, I usually place between 10-12 units per side. The forehead is highly variable depending on what the patient wants. I frequently place 2.5 units above the lateral third of the eyebrow, in order to give some eyebrow elevation. I will often put about 10 units more in the central forehead. For the forehead above the eyebrows, it is quite variable, if I put any and how much. For people over 50 years old I am very cautious since it is easy to cause some droopiness to the eyebrows.

My usual fee is $12/unit. I am one of the few plastic surgeons I know, who does his own Botox (and filler injections). This is quite a reasonable price for Botox. You can always find it cheaper on Groupon but then you really should be asking yourself, “Do I really want someone other than a skilled plastic surgeon, injecting a potentially dangerous substance, into my body, just to save a few dollars??”.

I do enjoy doing my own injections because I feel that doing both Botox and fillers, is artistic and the tools are Botox and frequently fillers and your face is the canvas.

My consults are free, so if you are curious, I invite you to book an appointment with me.