Do I Really Need to Wear Sunscreen in the Winter?

Simply put, YES! Now that it’s getting cooler outside many people ditch their SPF, which is a big no no. Wearing daily SPF protection is critical to helping prevent aging. In fact, the rays from the sun are the #1 cause of aging. Even though it’s no longer summertime, you are still being exposed to UVA rays on a daily basis.

There are two kinds of UV (ultraviolet) rays to be concerned about: UVB rays, which cause sunburns, and UVA rays, which cause aging (fine lines and wrinkles). Even when it’s cloudy or rainy out, 70% of UV rays are able to penetrate through the skin. Even if you spend more of the day indoors, the fluorescent lights are emitting UV rays. And those UVA rays are actually stronger when coming through glass, meaning everytime you get in your car you should be wearing SPF!

If you plan on being outdoors for a long period of time, remember to reapply every 2 hours. When purchasing sunscreen, make sure that is says “broad spectrum”, meaning it has both UVB and UVA protection.

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