Get SculpSure Consult with a Plastic Surgeon – Not at a Medispa

The Sculpsure laser is revolutionary!  It works great and takes 25 minutes from start to finish. It is slightly uncomfortable but not painful. There are no incisions and very little risk. The laser is very simple to use and is safely operated by an Esthetician or someone with formal training. So what is the advantage of seeing a board certified plastic surgeon for your Sculpsure consult?

If you go to a spa or a non-plastic surgeon, then likely the only treatment they can offer you is Sculpsure. The old adage, “if you are a hammer, the entire world are nails.” This means that every patient they see is going to get Sculpsure. Now, as I mentioned above, it is a great laser and can reduce fat up to 24% with one treatment and more fat with multiple treatments.

However, there are those people who would benefit more from Smartlipo. Smartlipo allows me with just 1-2 very tiny incisions, to place a fiberoptic laser into the actual layer of fat and melt it and then liposuction out the fat. This is performed in the office with local anesthetic and oral sedation. For many patients, but not all, this may be a preferred option.

Also, there are some patients, who will do best with a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck procedure is not an option unless you go to a plastic surgeon who has these skills. Of course, a medispa or non-plastic surgeon will have no knowledge about either of these options and therefore will never suggest them.

I specialize in Sculpsure, Smartlipo and tummy tucks.  All cosmetic consultations are complimentary.