How to Maintain your Results after SmartLipo or Liposuction

This is a very easy question to answer. The most important thing you can do to maintain your results from Smartlipo is not to put on weight. Many of my patients have read online that you cannot gain fat after doing liposuction. This is patently untrue! There are plenty of misleading articles online suggesting this, but the truth is that there are fat cells left behind after any type of liposuction. If you put weight on, those fat cells can swell and make you look larger in the treated area. It is possible that with less fat cells in the area (since fat cells are destroyed by the laser in Smartlipo) that you may not enlarge in the treated area, but there is no guarantee of this.

You can absolutely enhance your results by dropping your total body fat through better eating (see our Paleo meal replacement planLose Weight with our Paleo Meal Replacement Program for a simple way to do so). Smartlipo reduces fat in the treated areas, but because is also part of your total body fat, it is helpful to work to further reduce total body fat. Exercising allows you to both decrease your body fat and tones your body. There are of course a multitude of health benefits to exercising as well.

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