Breast Augmentation Incisions

Breast Augmentation Incisions

There are basically two incisions I use for a straightforward breast augmentation. By straightforward, I mean, not needing a breast lift at the same time. These two incisions are the inframammary incision and the periareolar incision.

The Inframammary Incision

The inframammary incision is about 5 cm or so and is placed above the bra line. This means that if you are wearing a bikini top or bra, your incision will not be seen. These scars fade very nicely with time. How much time, varies from person to person. Over the years, these scars can be very difficult to see at all. In a person with red hair or very blonde hair with a very fair complexion, these scars, can initially be quite pink, but with time, they will fade beautifully. With a women, with olive or Asian or dark skin, there is always a risk that the scar may hyper-pigment ie heal with a darker scar. If this occurs, it is not due to any mistake on my part or your part, but is just the way your skin heals. I always use dissolving sutures and never use drains.

Periareolar Incision

The other incision I use, is the periareolar incision. This is on the lower half of the areolar. This scar is very hard to see, even right after surgery. This incision is unlikely to affect either breast feeding or sensation. This  is my preferred incision for most women and especially those with non-white skin since it almost always blends superbly. Also, if you need a lift, then I will need to make an incision all around the areolar, so there is no need to add in an inframammary incision. Thanks to the Keller funnel, I can almost always place the silicone implant through this incision. Saline implants which are placed in the pocket, can easily be placed with either incision. Some women just do not like the thought of having an incision placed close to their nipple and they will prefer an inframammary incision. 

Both incisions are able to give you an equally excellent result to your breast augmentation.