What I Noticed When I Stopped Taking Ketone Supplements

As I think many of you know, I generally eat very healthy, exercise regularly, and I am not overweight. However, I had heard many positive things about the ketogenic diet and supplements and was curious about what they could do for me. Many celebrities are touting these dieting strategies, including Halle Berry and Jenna Jameson.

For 2 weeks, I followed  a ketogenic diet during the day, and took a ketogenic supplement first thing in the morning. I did not follow a ketogenic or even a paleo diet for dinner. On this pretty easy routine, I lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks. The Jewish holiday of Passover arrived and I stopped all of this. I then resumed the diet for a week and lost another pound. I was down to 139 pounds, which is very low for me. Because I had a four-day conference in New York City, I decided to take a break and not follow any specific diet.

The Result of Taking a Break:
Interestingly enough, I noticed over the 4 days at the conference that I was not waking up as alert. When I was on the above-mentioned ketogenic routine, I woke up very alert and almost immediately. I started to feel aches and pains in the morning, which were almost completely non-existent when I was taking the supplements. I was also naturally eating more. By contrast, the ketogenic supplements suppressed my appetite naturally, so I ate less without consciously trying to do so.

For me, this little experiment confirmed the following benefits of the Pruvit ketogenic supplements:

  1. More energy and waking up very alert, as opposed to the typical tired, groggy feeling for 30 minutes or more.
  2. Much less achiness in the early morning.
  3. Fat loss of 2 pounds/week. My wife even says that I have greater muscle definition.

If you are looking for a way to decrease body fat, I highly recommend trying ketone supplements. They are available for purchase online or stop buy our office to purchase a 10-day supply.

I believe that most people who try it and follow my diet plan will notice a significant difference in just 10 days.


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