Try the following:

Purchase a 5 or 10 day supply of Pruvit Ketone supplements from my office or be brave and order a one month supply on automatic renewal (more cost effective, Pruvit is safe and has a money back guarantee) at:

1. When you get up, mix one packet of the ketone supplements with water. Have at least one more glass of water in the next hour or two. You can have coffee/tea either black or with half/half or unsweetened almond/coconut milk. No sweeteners please.

2. Avoid eating any food for several hours (this can gradually be increased over time so don’t make yourself miserable as your body will adapt to holding off eating). The reason for this is that intermittent fasting has a huge amount of health benefits.

3. When you get hungry either have a second ketogenic supplement (they decrease your appetite). During the day eat ketogenic which means eat healthy organic food that is high in fats and proteins and keep your carbs below 50 grams. This means you can eat meat, fish, chicken, eggs, all vegetable but you are avoiding things such as breads, rice, pizza, sugars, and processed foods. Eat when you are hungry but eat what you need and don’t overstuff yourself.

4. Have an early dinner (6-7 pm) but this is not vital. However, when dinner is finished, don’t eat or drink anything else except water.
Eat what you want for dinner but keep it healthy. You will gradually notice that you crave less carbs and sugars at dinner time. The goal is to lower your total carb intake.

5. Try and exercise 5-6 times per week, even if it is for just 30 minutes. The high intensity interval training is the best for losing weight. Try and add some stretching afterwards.

Be patient with yourself and keep working on this gradually. Don’t weigh yourself more than once per week. You can skip weighing yourself at all and just see how your clothes fit better.

It takes time to reset your body so try this for at least 6 weeks before judging the results.

If you have any questions about this, please email my office at or call us at 703-406-2444.