Things to Consider Before Getting SmartLipo

There are several things to consider before getting SmartLipo. Although it is minimally invasive, it is still surgery and has some small risk. In addition, for you to be satisfied, it has to come close to meeting your expectations.

The ideal SmartLipo patient is within 15% to maybe 20% of their ideal body weight. Occasionally, I have treated a smaller area on a larger than ideal person, with good results, but it can be more difficult to obtain the result you want.


If you are more than 20% above your ideal body weight, then maybe you should consider other forms of liposuction that I do in the OR under general anesthesia. Perhaps you will be better served by a Tummy Tuck. That is one of the many advantages of making sure you have a board certified plastic surgeon doing this, rather than just any medical doctor.  A true PS will have other tools at his disposal.

Skin Tone

Another consideration is your skin tone. Although you do get some degree of skin tightening it is limited. Some areas, such as the love handles and lateral thighs, almost always tighten very nicely. I have not had problems with doing the lower abdomen.

However, if you already have a roll that is hanging over your underwear and the skin tone is poor, then you will be better served with a Tummy Tuck. I have had excellent results with the submental area in almost everyone. However, I have done a few people now in their early 60’s who did not have good skin tone and the SmartLipo was not a good choice for them. It did not make them worse, but was not very helpful.

I do a lot of SmartLipo in the upper arms. However, if you have poor skin tone, this will not be effective and you should consider an arm lift. A similar issue exists on the inner thighs. I will not do SmartLipo in this area if the skin tone is very poor.

Although SmartLipo is a great tool, it is not magic. If you put on weight after surgery, you may nullify any improvement from the surgery. The most dramatic results I have obtained in my patients are those who after doing SmartLipo, get more serious with their exercising and their diets and they can get transformational results!!!!!

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