Top Cosmetic Treatment for Gorgeous Skin

There is no doubt that the honor for the top cosmetic treatment for gorgeous skin goes to the Picosure laser.

Why? It’s simple. There is no other laser, chemical peel or skin care product that can eliminate irregular pigmentation and melasma from your face, neck, chest and hands with virtually no downtime. PicoSure is safe on skin types 1-4 and it is immensely popular in Asia. For many skin types,  treatments such as CO2 and Fraxel run a high risk of leading to hyperpigmentation which would make things worse, not better. Strong chemical peels also have the same risk and cause a great deal of redness. Milder peels will not be as effective as the PicoSure laser facial.

The Picosure laser will also stimulate your own collagen and elastic fiber production so that it will help with fine lines and even acne scarring. You should plan at least 3 sessions, spaced a month apart. My wife is having her 4th session next week and she has treated her face, neck, chest and hands.

You can increase results with a great skin care regime following treatment. We carry a premiere medical skin care line that is only available in our office that has helped our patients yield even faster results and glowing skin.

Curious about PicoSure and what it can do for your skin? Call my office at 703-406-2444 to schedule a private, complimentary skincare consultation.

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