What does SmartLipo Cost?

What is the Cost of SmartLipo Compared with Traditional Liposuction?

It is very normal for people to wonder, what is the cost of Smartlipo and how does that compare to the cost of regular liposuction.

First of all, it is important to be clear about the difference in procedures. Regular liposuction involves infiltrating the area (usually associated with the word, “tumescent” which just means a lot of fluid is infiltrated into the area) which contains some local anesthetic (lidocaine) with some epinephrine to minimize bleeding. After this, the fat is liposuctioned out. This is usually done under general anesthesia in an operating room.

Smartlipo (or laser-lipo) is a major advance in this technique and involves a middle step of inserting a fiber-optic laser fiber into the fatty layer (uses the same very small incision which was used to infiltrate the subcutaneous tissue with the local anesthetic). The laser fiber heats up and kills the fat cells. It also heats up the skin so that it causes the skin to tighten. There is a built-in temperature sensing device in the laser fiber, so the fat and skin are heated but not burned.  Smartlipo is almost always done in the surgeon’s office under local anesthesia with oral sedation. Some surgeons will use IV sedation.

As one might expect, costs are going to vary across the United States. Invariably, large urban centers, with a higher cost of living, are probably going to cost somewhat more. I would strongly caution against using a Groupon or accepting a very out of proportion low fee. This is safe surgery but it is surgery and the person should know what they are doing and know anatomy. I would strongly recommend a board certified surgeon, especially a plastic surgeon. No decent surgeon will use Groupon.

Regular liposuction, since it is being done under general anesthesia in an operating room, is generally going to be more expensive.  You are paying, not only for the surgeons time but also for the anesthesiologist (or nurse anesthesiologist) and the operating room (even if the surgeon happens to have one in his office).  

In general, if you treat multiple body areas (eg a common combination is upper and lower abdomen and love handles/flanks) at one time, you will pay less than if you came in for 3 separate treatments.

A rough idea of costs would be about $3,600 for one area, $5,600 for two areas and $6,500 for 3 areas – though we are currently running a 30% special discount at the moment.