What is SmartLipo?

What is SmartLipo?

Smartlipo is another name for laser lipo. It is an invasive procedure where a fiberoptic laser fiber is inserted through a small incision is used to melt fat and also heat up the underside of the skin and liposuction then follows to remove the melted fat.

The process begins with a 30 minute cosmetic consult where I examine you and then explain how it can be beneficial for the correct patient. The ideal patient is within 15-20% of their ideal bodyweight, though in select patients and for select areas, it may still be an option.

On the day of surgery, some patients will take an oral sedation pill to help them relax. In this case, a driver is mandatory. Other patients prefer to forgo the oral sedation and they can drive themselves. in either case, no IV are used and you are awake for the procedure. Almost always, only one small incision (2-3 mm) is required to each area. The small spot for the incision is numbed. The area is prepped and draped. Next a very small cannula is inserted and local anaesthetic is infiltrated into the area. This will render the area totally numb. Following this, a  fiberoptic laser fiber is inserted and 2 different wavelengths emerge, which melts the fat, heats the underside of the skin for tightening and coagulates blood vessels. Then i suck out the melted fat with a small liposuction cannula. A single dissolving suture is used to close the wound and a steristrip is placed. The patient puts on Spanxs and goes home immediately.

Virtually all patients will return to work the next. They can have sexual relations the next day. They can resume full working out after 5 days.

It is very important to realize that it takes 6 months to reach maximum improvement and it can take some time for the improvement to take place. Of course, if you gain or lose weight you can affect the final result.

The laser system is made by Cynosure, a leader in the laser world.